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The Premise
You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the old one obsolete. - Buckminster Fuller

The Premise

Clean Energy Karma (CEK) is based on the premise that we humans value having clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and clean soil to till. And, that we appreciate the immense bounty and beauty that a healthy planet earth provides.

Furthermore, we believe it is of the utmost import that our offspring, and theirs in turn, are afforded a safe and sustainable environment to live out their lives.

One more assumption...


According to the World Preservation Foundation, a third of the world’s major lakes and rivers are drying up, affecting groundwater wells for 3 billion people.

Climate Change

Clean Energy Karma facilitates environmental stewardship through:

Advocacy campaigns 

Cost reduction strategies

Tailored sustainability plans

We believe that given the right vehicle, one that exemplifies purpose on a personal and planetary level...

Family Farming
Children Playing

Our species is inherently good. And, whether it's changing a light bulb or installing a solar array, most of us will take steps within our means to mitigate the manmade environmental perils looming ahead.


In short, to act responsibly to ensure the survival of our species and the ecological systems that support it.

The environmentally conscious among us will find meaning and value in:

  • Sponsoring CEK Planet Sustainability Advisories PSAs, articles and adverts:

  • Saving money on earth friendly products
    and services:

  • Access to clean energy expertise: 

  • Custom environmental action plans with measures tailored to means: 

  • A vehicle that connects eco-conscious  households, merchants and contractors 
    for mutual environmental and economic  benefit: