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 Household Heros

We didn't start the fire. But we're fighting it with fire, in the form of SPARKs.

 Why Join Clean Energy Karma?

Curated earth-friendly merchants & products

Sponsorship of CEK PSAs, workshops & publications

Unlimited access to clean energy advisors

Savings on eco products and clean energy systems

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 CEK members are all about...

Supporting eco-friendly businesses and legislation 
Protecting our oceans, rivers and freshwater resources 
Applying clean energy and conservation best practices 

Respecting, reducing, recycling and reusing resources
Keeping green-spaces intact and urban sprawl in check

Cool Beans!

We at Clean Energy Karma are big fans of Starbucks because of their sustainability initiatives. Ok, their coffee is pretty darn good too! While on the topic, a CEK subscription costs less per week than buying a Mocha Frappuccino Grande...just saying. 

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