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Do I Stay or Do I Go (Green) Now?

Clean Energy Karma's Ask an Expert service provides members with answers to preliminary strategy and equipment questions one may have when considering Clean Energy investments.


This service is not intended to address technical design questions. For more in-depth assistance
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Ask an Expert

Learn everything you need to know about investing in clean energy products & projects, but did not know to ask.

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  • Can I have solar panels installed incrementally over time or must they be installed all at once?

  • Would I save money by purchasing solar equipment myself and then hiring a professional to install it?

  • Am I better off going with less expensive dated solar panels or state of the art equipment?

  • I am I better off replacing my old water heater with heat pump water heater or a tankless water heater or a conventional heater?

  • My roof is not new, yet it's not exactly old either. Is it ok to put solar panels on it?

  • Am I better off investing in a new AC system or new windows?

  • Should I invest in a backup gas generator or go with battery backup? Which brand should I go with? What is the best way to finance energy efficiency projects? 

  • Am I eligible for any state, federal or utility financial incentives?

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