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Advance environmental stewardship while enjoying access to knowledgeable clean energy advisors, curated earth-friendly products, services, savings, and a growing network of like-minded consumers, contractors, and merchants. 


Good Cause. Good Effect.

Whether you are an eco-conscious consumer interested in reducing the cost of living green, a merchant interested in reaping the cost-saving and eco-consumer benefits of embracing sustainability, or a contractor interested in spending more time constructing and less time prospecting, as a Clean Energy Karma member you can make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

What We Do

Clean Energy Karma (CEK) works with and through its environmentally-conscious members to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and sustainable living for the benefit of all species and future generations.

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"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."  - Albert Einstein

How We Do It

Awareness Campaigns 

CEK workshops, blogs, adverts and Planet Sustainability Announcements (PSAs) raise  environmental stewardship awareness and practical steps we can all take to make a  difference

Cost Reduction Strategies


CEK reduces cost barriers to becoming part of the solution with tailored sustainability plans, service provider discounts and volume buys on earth-friendly household products to solar panels. 

Tailored Sustainability Plans


CEK tailors products, services and solutions to meet the goals, lifestyles and budgets of eco-conscious consumers and business owners. ​


"We can champion the divisiveness at hand, or the common ground underfoot. The choice is black and white."

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How it works...

Household joins CEK's environmental  ACT initiative.

Household collaborates with CEK to create an actionable sustainability plan.

CEK guides Household on ways to tread lighter in the planet while saving on eco-products, utilities & solar energy systems.

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How it works...

Merchant joins CEK's environmental  ACT initiative. 

Merchant collaborates with CEK to create an actionable sustainability plan.

CEK promotes merchant's business and  sustainability steps. And, participation in Karma Kredits, if applicable.


How it works...

Contractor joins CEK's environmental ACT initiative.

Contractor collaborates with CEK to define service, region and pricing.

CEK promotes contractor's business and SEED and Karma Kredits participation, if applicable.

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First, Do No Harm

Combating pollution, global warming, water scarcity, biodiversity loss and deforestation starts at home with awareness, priorities and action; the food we eat, the businesses we patronize and invest in, the vehicles we drive, and how we cast our votes. In short, we tend to think the problem (and solution) is "out there" when that thought is a significant part of the problem. 

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About Clean Energy Karma

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

Clean Energy Karma (CEK) is an ecosystem of like-minded consumers, merchants and contractors acting together to advance common objectives for mutual environmental and economic benefit. Namely, the adoption of clean energy and sustainable living practices.  

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Respect for Bob.

Respect for the Earth.

Respect for each Other.


Project Marley Global Giving initiative was created in honor of the legendary Bob Marley and his respect for the earth and people. In addition to creating audio products that are better for the earth, Project Marley supports global reforestation via One Tree Planted, and ocean conservation via the Surfrider Foundation.